Sample Preparation Laboratory (SPL)

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The Sample Preparation Laboratory (SPL) is a new, three-story, 49,000 sq. ft. laboratory building that contains hot cells for preparation of materials and receiving small and medium sized casks; a hot cell for measuring and evaluating failure modes of structural materials; radiation-shield enclosures with manned access for handling and characterizing radioactive materials; interim storage for radioactive material; and office space for research personnel.

The scope of the project encompassed both preliminary and final design with deliverables that included construction drawings, construction specifications, and analysis for the safety-significant structures. WALSH provided the civil, structural, and electrical engineering design.

The civil work included site preparation, grading, storm water management plans, paving, water and sewer utilities, and security fencing.

The structural scope of work involved designing the building foundations and superstructure for the facility building, including seismic calculations.

The electrical engineering scope for the project included the design of normal and standby power, lighting, and telecommunication plans and details.

Additionally, WALSH assisted with the detailed designs for the hot cell electrical power and instrumentation penetrations based on their extensive in-house hot-cell design expertise. WALSH also completed the design of the 25-ton cask cart and cask-to-hot cell interfaces. WALSH is providing construction support under a separate contract.

Summary of Work

  • Full Design Services
  • New Construction
  • Civil/Site Design
  • Structural Design
  • Electrical Distribution
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Laboratory Hot Cells
  • Cask Transport/Handling
  • Office Space
  • Construction Support

1935 International Way
Idaho Falls, ID 83402