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WALSH has delivered over 1500 task-based engineering, design, and drafting tasks to INL. WALSH continues to deliver high-quality and responsive engineering services that include field investigations; assessments and engineering evaluations; conceptual, preliminary, and final designs; and construction support.

Like the previous blanket master contract with BEA, the tasks involve designs for siting and facility planning; roads and parking lot designs; engineering analysis of casks and shielding; remodeling of office and personnel spaces, modifying nuclear facilities, construction of new facilities, designs for substations and power distribution, drafting support, and reviews for constructability. All tasks are performed under BEA procedures and are required to meet BEA internal requirements for drawings, calculations, and reports.

Representative projects completed to date are summarized below.

  • PIDAS Upgrade – Prepared final design for upgrade of Perimeter Intrusion, Detection, and Alarm System (PIDAS) at an undisclosed location at INL. Scope included: re-routing perimeter fence, demo of existing detection systems, and installation of new detection systems.
  • CFA Fire Station Renovation – Renovated Central Facilities Area Fire Station kitchen, library, and theater room. Project included demolition of existing spaces, architectural upgrades of finishes, new furnishings and equipment, installation and distribution of lighting, power, and telecommunication systems and installation of a new HVAC system.
  • Obsidian Test Pad Substation – Using a phased design and construction approach, developed a new 10 MVA 138 kV to 13.8 kV single tap substation at an existing substation yard. Performed initial land surveys for the site and the connecting overhead power line (OHL). Completed design for gravel base, ground grid installation, and catch basins for transformers. Developed design detailing the placement of equipment, interfacing it to the existing 138 kV transmission line, and providing power and control wiring to the yard equipment. Completed the design for the building housing the switchgear that included additional electrical equipment, lighting, HVAC, power, and interior space for operations. Connections to the electric duct banks and exterior conduits, fiber communication system, and INL Power Management system were made.
  • Analytical Laboratory HVAC Upgrade – Provided construction drawings and specifications, variable flow fume hood procurement specifications, evaluation of existing cooling system, laboratory room design, electrical load study, and structural analysis to support upgrade of Analytical Laboratory ventilation system at MFC. Project included conceptual, preliminary, and final design phases. HVAC system upgrade included modifications to existing air handlers, duct modifications, installation of control valves for variable flow systems, installation of variable flow fume hoods, and coordination with customer HVAC controls design.
  • SSPSF Building Chiller Replacement and Piping Upgrade – Provided design to remove and replace the existing 140-ton building chiller for SSPSF at MFC. The new chiller was selected with multiple compressors to modulate cooling and continuously operate from a low of 25% to full capacity all year. The facility had two chilled water systems with separate chillers and pumps.
  • Analytical Laboratory Structural/Seismic Design – Developed detailed wall penetrations and structural bracing to support structural modifications to the safety-significant walls that were required for the B-137 Laboratory renovation and AL ventilation upgrade project.

Summary of Work

  • Facility Construction/Modifications
  • Roads and Parking Lot Development/Repairs
  • Infrastructure/Utilities
  • Building Heating, Ventilation, & Air-Conditioning
  • Electrical Distribution/I&C Projects
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Drafting Support
  • Construction Support

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