A small business success story.

Walsh Engineering was founded with a vision of a full service engineering company that could tackle any project. Since its start in Idaho Falls in 2005, we have generated more than $100M in revenue, opened a field office in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and currently employ more than one hundred talented and diligent technical professionals, specializing in a wide variety of disciplines. Our vision became a reality! We are big enough to tackle any type of engineering job, from designing a reactor shutdown system, to analyzing a pressure vessel which will contain biological hazards. Yet, we are small enough that you will get to know the company president and our top technical people, whether you are a new customer, or a new employee.

In October of 2018, Walsh Engineering was honored to be recognized as the Small Business of the Month on the floor of the United States Senate. In his comments Senator James Risch congratulated Walsh Engineering as exemplifying the qualities of innovation, ambition, and industry, as well as perseverance and hard work … qualities we strive to embody every day.

Thriving in the Department of Energy National Laboratories market.

Walsh grew by working with DOE contractors and National Laboratories across the nation. We quickly became a significant engineering service provider to the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) through our dedication to providing the highest-quality engineering services, our understanding and embracing of the critical aspects of nuclear work, and the diligence required for supplying services to Department of Energy (DOE) Contractors.

Additional Markets

Our presence in the state and local government markets continues to grow. We have won blanket electrical and mechanical contracts with the State of Idaho Division of Public Works, and have completed projects at Idaho State University, the Southeast Idaho Veteran’s Affairs facility, and College of Eastern Idaho.
Walsh is positioned to extend its reach in the commercial/Industrial markets with experts licensed in most western states. We employ a graded approach of technical rigor to ensure competitive, cost effective products and services.

Our Roots

Walsh engineering occupies two floors of the prominent US Bank building in downtown Idaho Falls. We have deep roots in Southeast Idaho where our employees volunteer more than a thousand hours each year with community service, civic, and faith-based organizations.

In 2020, Walsh expanded its operations, opening a field office in Los Alamos, NM.

1935 International Way
Idaho Falls, ID 83402