Irradiated Materials Characterization Laboratory (IMCL)

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WALSH completed design, analysis, and fabrication support for three modular hot cells located in the Irradiated Materials Characterization Laboratory (IMCL).

The IMCL is a Hazard Category 3 Nuclear Facility located at INL’s Materials and Fuels Complex (MFC). The modular cells provide radiation shielding for performing irradiated materials characterization.

This work was performed as design-build projects for Battelle Energy Alliance, with three fabrication companies. WALSH performed the design with a customer requirement to be modular, and the ability to be reconfigured, relocated, or removed from the facility with small mobile cranes and equipment. The design included the modular shield walls, manipulator interfaces and mounting, shielded window interfaces, and mounting, and all support systems. The modular walls were designed with interlocking features to prevent radiation streaming, and interconnecting mechanisms to allow the structure to be self-supporting without external connections.

Highlight Topics

  • Shielded Enclosure – Glovebox Design & Analysis
  • Remote Manipulator Interface
  • Shielded Windows
  • Structural Modeling & Analysis
  • Design/Drafting
  • Vender Submittals
  • Fabrication Support

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